Traffic is King, but this comes FIRST

Visitors to your site are critical – getting them there automatically is even better. Here’s how…

But, first…

Keyword research is really the first step in getting traffic to your website. The reason this is so important is that you are going to be building content and traffic sources for specific keywords. So you need to make sure the keywords you’re targeting are worth targeting.

While doing your keyword research, keep the following in mind:

  • Will you be able to rank for these keywords? This involves doing some competitive analysis to determine the ease of entry for each keyword
  • Will the keywords you’re targeting bring buyers? Some keywords will bring lots of traffic, but none of them will buy. You want to generate visitors ready to buy.
  • What about affiliates? If you want to build a huge business, you’re going to need affiliates to help you. This means that some of your traffic focus should be on getting affiliates to your site.

Although this is an essential step, doing it all by hand can take a very long time. Experts are expensive and don’t guarantee results. And that’s why most people skip this step! The smartest marketers use website traffic software to automate this and other aspects of their business. This way you get this critical step done fast and done well.

OK, now we can talk about traffic…

Now that you’ve completed your keyword research, you can begin using these keywords to get traffic to your website.

Here are a couple of clever ways to do this…

  • Something you may not have ever considered is Surveys
  • “Answer” Sites
  • Video


Here’s the thing – people love surveys. It’s human nature. You can use this fact to provide “sticky” content for other website owners. And when they put your survey on their site, they will include a link back to your website. The beauty of this is that it generates website visitors for you with no work on your part. Using just this one extra idea will put you ahead of your competition . . . who think surveys are for gathering information! So, get creative and make up a survey that’s wacky to get other people interested in putting it on their sites.

“Answer” Sites

These sites, like are filled with people asking and answering questions for each other. Once again, the main reason for this site is not the reason you’re interested. The other thing they can be used for is to get traffic to your site, leads for your business and sales! Now, you can do this all by hand – visit a classified ads or answers site and one by one copy and paste contact info. The good news is that it’s easy to find website traffic software that can do this automatically. These tools put the whole thing on auto-pilot and just deliver the leads to you each day.

Video Sharing Sites

Another great resource is video sharing sites like YouTube. In fact, YouTube has over 2 billion videos watched per day! If used properly, video sites can get you more website traffic than you know what to do with.

And don’t worry if you don’t have any idea of how to make a video. You can even take a webpage or article that you’ve written. Then simply record yourself reading the text and you video the screen with a simple screen capture program. And like anything else, there is software available that will turn articles into videos for you automatically.


It’s not that hard to get traffic to your websites. It just takes a little time and some ingenuity. You can even use software to automate most of what we’ve talked about.

So, start right now and:

  • Step 1 is researching your keywords
  • Set up some viral surveys
  • Take advantage of the “help” sites
  • Capitalize on video!

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Wonderful article,thanks for putting this together! “This is obviously one great post. Thanks for the valuable information and insights you have so provided here. Keep it up!”



This is a great article Dustin, very thorough but to the point. I never really considered how effective surveys on my site could be to generate traffic. Thanks for taking the time to post this!


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