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Making money with blogging is not that hard when you possess traffic, but if you don’t have any visitors coming to your blog it can be near impossible. Most folks keep trying every new system or program that comes out as a way to increase their blog traffic, but they hardly ever work. The biggest problem with this sort of trial and error is that they scarcely work and people never think about what has been proven to do the job. In this article we are going to clarify the importance of getting a ShareThis button on your blog. I will also show you how this button may end up taking your blog from nothing to getting steady traffic daily.

The fundamentals of this type of button are very uncomplicated, if someone likes what you composed they can share it with other people. I am certain somewhere along the line you happen to have been on a blog and you noticed a bookmarking button. This is a way for the visitors of that blog to notify their friends about a post that could interest them.

What Are You Looking For And Where Will You Find It?

While you can find buttons that will allow you to post to twitter or even Facebook you will want to find a button that has multiple sites listed. If you really want to see how powerful this little button can be don’t limit the web sites that your visitors can post to. For this specific reason you want to get a ShareThis button which will allow your visitors to share this post on multiple social networking sites at once. Or at the very least give them the choice to choose between online websites. You will need to keep in mind that everyone on the Internet is different and belong to different social networking sites so you really will not want to limit their options.

WordPress users have it easy as there have been many plugins made to allow for a easy ShareThis button to be set up. All you have to do is to go to WordPress’ site and search for the plugin, I took the liberty of making a link directly to the ShareThis button.  Again when looking for these plugins as well as the ShareThis button, choose the ones which allow multiple social web site submissions, which is why I have chosen the one from ShareThis. What you are really looking for is a share this button that may include every single social networking site you can come up with. If you would like to see how the button works, feel free to test it at the bottom of this article, as it is the same plugin I use.

The Power Of Sharing

Now lets take a look at just what this simple little button or plugin will do for your traffic. Lets say you just wrote an excellent article and someone would love to share this with their buddies on twitter. All they had to do was use the button you installed and now 50 more people know about your post. If only 8 of those people went to your blog and really liked your post you just got 8 more visitors. And because they really liked the article 3 of them chose to write about this on Facebook, Digg and stumble upon. Now this specific post may be promoted to 150 or more people. After that 20 of those people who just found the message decided to stop by and read what you had to say and then 50 percent of them decided to share with different friends and family members that they imagine will enjoy the article. I am sure you are able to see how one post together with a good ShareThis button can turn directly into loads of traffic.

The little things you carry out can get you as much or more traffic than all traffic driving softwares that become available every week or so. And you probably know this, the more traffic you get the more money you will generate.

Don’t be shy, try out the features of the ShareThis plugin and click the buttons just below.

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