Website Traffic Without Employing Traffic Exchange

Are Traffic Exchange Programs of Any Use?

A lot of people, when they are trying to get traffic to their website, start with traffic methods that just fail to work. Traffic exchange programs are one of those programs that are not effective. If you haven’t tried traffic exchange programs, do yourself a favor and don’t waste your time as the traffic you get is just no good. You aren’t going to be generating any sales from the traffic you get. Although you will be able to generate lots of traffic, the traffic you’re getting hardly ever ends up buying what you’re advertising. But there is hope, because you can find other programs online that can get you the traffic you need.

Leads Leap

Leads Leap is one of those programs that can actually drive targeted site traffic. The great thing about this traffic exchange program is that you can place your Google type ads on a very popular blog. There are a couple of ways you can take advantage of the Leads Leap program. The system itself makes use of credits to display your ads; you can join for free and you can earn credits to have your advertisements displayed by referring new members. They also have a membership which is something you would end up paying for every month. If you decide to sign up as a paid member, be sure to get it when you’re signing up since you are going to save money by choosing to upgrade when you sign up instead of upgrading in the members area. If you sign up for the paid membership, you will be able to get traffic without referring other people. Having said that, you can still refer others and get even more advertising.

Free Traffic Bar

Another website traffic exchange program that can get you some good traffic is a program known as Free Traffic Bar. This program also has several options for you when you register. You can register for a free membership and you will be able to earn advertising credits by merely surfing the Internet as you usually would, and referring other people is not required. When and if you recruit others, you will even receive more free advertising. They have several different paid memberships and you will get a certain amount of advertising credits each month depending on what membership you choose.

My Huge List

One other way to begin receiving traffic is by building a mailing list and you can accomplish that with a program called My Huge List. If you have utilized other list builders in the past, you will see that My Huge List is different from the others. You can either join at no charge or as a paid member. As I said, My Huge List is different and you will only be receiving a couple of emails every day and you will be able to email everyone in your down line every 2 to 5 days. If you belong to other list builders, you will discover that this program is not going to fill your inbox with hundreds or even thousands of emails daily. And the best part is everyone who signs up under you in My Huge List helps you build your mailing list.

In summary, there really are numerous ways to begin driving traffic to your website or affiliate link other than using time-consuming search engine optimization techniques or useless traffic exchange systems. While the traffic programs above are a terrific way to get started, you will be able to find other programs that can also help you receive even more traffic to your website. One thing you need to keep in mind when searching for traffic exchange programs is that the more expensive programs don’t always get you more or even better traffic. Many of the less expensive programs can get you more and better traffic than their more high-priced competitors.

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