Tips on What to Write About

What to Write About

To set up and run a blog involves a minimum of commitment. You will have to post something meaningful on a regular basis and the best is to post at least a couple of times each week. If you don’t, readers will be less interested in visiting your blog, and you might end up just writing with yourself as the only reader.

However at one time or an other, most bloggers faces the problem, getting less and less ideas on what to write about on their blog.

If that should happen to you too, here is some tips on how to get fresh ideas to fill your blog with great content.

  • Find and read what other bloggers related to your main topic are writing about. Then try to catch the ideas and subject they uses. Do not just copy their content though, but add your own opinion, so that you provide real value to your readers. Perhaps even to the ones you are following your self.
  • Ask your readers what they would like you to write about. Then write a series of articles on the subjects they have chosen.
  • Visit the library or go to a bookstore. Open any best selling book related to your topic, and see if you will get some new ideas.
  • Even though I advise against writing just for the sake of posting something, you could blog about what you intend to do today, or what you have done. A little from your daily living every now and then will make your blog more personal, and your readers will get a feeling of knowing you better.
  • Now a days almost everyone has a camera of some kind. If not a ‘real’ one, then perhaps one integrated into a cellphone. If you got some kind of camera, you could take the day off from writing, and go for a walk or perhaps a short trip, taking a lot of shots and post those on your blog.
  • Since I’m into Internet Marketing, my last suggestion is almost to be expected: You could write a review of a product of your choice, and that way you might be able to earn some money while blogging.

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