7 Important Tips Before Applying for Adsense

Almost every time you read an article on how to make money from a blog, one of the first word your eye will catch is the word ‘AdSense’.

Most authors almost immediately tell you just to sign up with Google AdSense, copy and paste some code to your site and start making money.

What they do not tell you is, that it is no way that easy.

First of all; no matter how many different kind of advertises, no matter how good they might be, they will make you no money if you can’t get visitors to your site. Without traffic – No money! From AdSense or any other kind of advertising.

And then AdSense:
Do not believe for one second, that you can just set up a quick blog with one of the default themes on blogger.com or the like. Not even if set up with your own domain name on a cheap hosting account.

Google is a very serious company, making tons of money from advertising. To be able to do so, they have to protect their paying customers from their advertises being displayed (and clicked on) at completely useless places such as a meaningless blog, or on what is really just a sales letter.

Don’t get me wrong though: There is nothing wrong with a free blog or with a cheap hosting. But do not try to apply for AdSense and expect to be accepted, without doing your homework first, or it will be rejected for sure.

To get accepted into Goggles AdSense program:

  1. Do not apply with a site or blog that is still under construction.
  2. Do not set up just a pure sells site.
  3. Offer the readers some valuable content.
  4. Set up a presentable site, with not too many flashing banners, animations, pictures, etc.
  5. Avoid pop-ups. If you want to make use of pop-up, limit it to a single or two.
  6. Be certain that your site has no broken links.
  7. Create about 10 – 15 pages before applying.

10 – 15 pages may sound a lot, but if you are out of ideas what to write, you might be able to pick up some inspiration visiting some article directories.

Once you have a nice looking blog or site, with plenty of interesting content, and you are sure there’s no broken links, then you can apply for a web publisher account with Google and hope to get approved.

If you are in need of ideas of content to your website or blog, you can try at places like:


If you want more options, just make a Yahoo or Google search on ‘article directories’ and plenty possibilities will show up.

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30 thoughts on “7 Important Tips Before Applying for Adsense

    1. Thank you for the comment.

      Of course you may, as long as you link to this site from within your ‘replication’.

      But since you have violated my one and only rule regarding commenting, I have removed your links from your comment.


  1. I would add one more point which is you need to wait for 6 months after you register your domain before you can be apply for Adsense.

    Note that now Google Adsense approves the account in two steps i.e. first step is when you get the ad code and place them on the site and once you have the code live they would review and then approve the account. Once approved then only your site would show ads which make you money.

    1. Hi Shabbir,

      Welcome to my site, and thank you for adding the 8th. important tip.

      Google keeps changing the AdSense game, and with a good reason.
      Far to many is trying to make easy money from low value sites, and it devalue the the effect of AdWord, the main income source of Google.

      Who in their right mind would spend 100’s if not 1000’s of $ on advertising being exposed only to a non-buying audience?

      1. The pleasure is all mine and yes Google is doing everything it can too make more money from businesses by ensuring they generate revenue so they keep reverting to Google for all their advertising needs.

        On an offtopic note I have one suggestion for you. You are using cloudflare for this blog but you have the security level so high that each time I visit your site I have to pass through captcha.

        I myself use Cloudflare for my forum http://www.go4expert.com and make sure this settings of your is not getting users away.

        1. Thank you for the suggestion.
          I have lowered the security level . See if you can slip through without captcha now.


    1. Sorry for the delay in publishing your comment.
      I’m rebuilding a lot of my sites at the moment, and this one has been on “hold” for some time.

      Glad you could use the post, and welcome to my site.

      Regards :)

  2. Thanks for this great adsense tips.. its a way to go

    Adsense is sure a good way to make money only if you bide by their TOS

  3. Really it’s very interesting and helpful article. I have a blog in blogger. The age of this blog is 1 year. I get 60 to 100 page views per day. Do you think this is the perfect time to apply on Adsense. Actually i am confusing about that. Please give your advice do i apply now or wait for some days.

    1. Hi Ismail,

      Thank you for your comment. I’ve had a look at your blog, and it looks good.

      You need to add some page like “privacy”, “contact”, and “tos”. But with that in place, you could try your luck.

      Just remember never ever to click on Google advertises on your own blog. And make sure your friends doesn’t do it either, just to “help” you earning some quick money. Google will find out, will take your earnings, and ban you forever!


      PS. You really should consider to get a Gravatar. It’s not cool with a random avatar when you comment on blogs. It makes you look like a spammer ;)

  4. this was really a good guideline thanks for this information please visit my site and see whether it is ready for applying to adsense .

    1. If you have read the article, you will know, if you are ready. There is no need for me to visit, unless you are willing to pay my consultant fee?

  5. Hi Michael

    I unknowingly and naively hit the “apply for Adsense” button when setting up my blog, it just seemed like the natural next step in list of options and I have obviously been rejected as expected. It says you can appeal in the future, but say I did end up creating the right content, correct amount and followed the “rules” would there be a realistic chance they would reconsider say a year down the line from your experience?


    1. Hi Carrie,

      To apply for adsense with a brand new blog with only 3 posts (1 “Hello”, one article and post nothing more than an image) as yours, is the 100% sure way get refused by Google !!

      You have to build up your blog over time and with several unique articles, so that you present your readers with real value before you apply again.


  6. Yes, You are right in saying that …
    Google needs only serious advertisers/partners as Adsense is their one of the best bet for Income and they want only savvy publishers…

    For Indian and China publishers life is way more difficult.. :(

    1. Hi Saurabh,

      I’ve had a look at your site, and I would give it a try. However, there is no guarantee to get approved by Google.


    1. For a start you could try avoid the most elementary spelling errors when you comment, and then make a search on this very blog on the term… well hmmmmm… you could perhaps try… hmmmmm let’s see… “increase traffic” ?


  7. Hey there would you mind stating which blog platform you’re using?
    I’m going to start my own blog in the near future but I’m having a
    difficult time selecting between BlogEngine/WordPress/B2evolution and Drupal.

    The reason I ask is because your design and style seems different
    then most blogs and I’m looking for something completely unique.
    P.S My apologies for being off-topic but I had to ask!

    1. If you look at the credits in the sidebar, you will easily discover, that this blog is run by WordPress and Thesis DIYthemes.

      Since your comment is very much off topic, and very much looks like a spam comment, I have removed your link.

      Using a Gravatar would greatly improve your chances of being recognized a trustworthy commenter.

      Comment are very welcome, but please stay to the topic you’re commenting.


  8. Please tell me when my blod
    g will qualify for the adsense program I have owned this blog since 7 months as well there are approx 200 page views also am 20 years old.
    Please suggest to increase some traffic

  9. Hey Michael, really struggling to find help for this. I have had a blogger page, which I bought a domain for. I have 45 posts of original posts and pictures all about 500 or more words. I get about 50 – 100 views a day, I live in the UK and already have an adsense account from my youtube page. however it keeps telling me i don’t qualify for adsense on my blog. I’ve only been doing it for 45 days, but it has been consistant and i’ve only missed one or two days. It’s a running blog, no swearing or anything like that, i just wonder if i am doing something wrong or does it have to get more views or something? Hope you can help, james

    1. You could try to contact Google support, though the most likely answer from them is just “because you do don’t (qualify)”.

      Personally I’ve given up on Adsense many years ago, as Google tents to steal your money and ban you, when you have gained enough to get paid. They are always good for some kind of lame excuse.

      But have a try and good luck.

      (Nice blog you got there by the way.)

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