Utilizing Social Media Sites Improve Your Targeted Traffic

Social Media Sites

Targeted and Casual Traffic

One of the primary issues any Internet marketer has to face, must be that they have a hard time driving traffic to their websites. Of course what you want is targeted traffic, and that is much harder to get than just casual traffic. In this article I will let you know how social media marketing can help you obtain the amount of targeted prospects you’ll need. I will also explain the reason why you need targeted traffic and also exactly why it is so much better than every other kind of traffic you can obtain.

Just what exactly is traffic? Most of you are at this point probably well aware of this, but just in case someone are not I’d like to explain it; anytime a person visits your website, that is considered traffic. There are loads of ways to get traffic to your site and you can obtain hundreds or even thousands of visitors every day, but unless this traffic is targeted you might not make a sale. Unless of course the traffic you’re acquiring is actually targeted traffic, you’re most likely just wasting your time. Targeted traffic, will be traffic from visitors that found your website simply because they’re interested in what you have to offer. For instance, if someone is reading through a weight loss blog and these people see an advertisement for your site that says something like, “Lose 20 Lbs In 20 Days” and then they click on that ad, that is targeted traffic.

Obtain Targeted Traffic Through Social Media

I’m going to be talking about utilizing social media sites for getting this type of targeted traffic. Did you know that YouTube gets over 1 Billion views each and every day? And the various search engines are responsible for providing more than 50 percent of that traffic to YouTube. Now think about this for one minute. An individual will go to Google and search for instructions regarding how to build a bird house. Now let’s imagine there is a YouTube video on that very first page which is called, “Learn To Build A Bird House”. More than likely you are going to take a look at that video to see if it shows you what you need to know.

You can make the most of this little method to begin getting targeted traffic through social media. If for example the video is a brief little video showing an individual creating a bird house, and at the end of the video they say, “See The Web Link Down Below To Build Your Own Birdhouse”. Naturally once they click the link or type in the web address inside their browser they are taken to a site which happens to be promoting a bird house building book. It is exactly what you call targeted visitors as you’re providing them specifically what they already want. This kind of targeted traffic is a lot more powerful compared to traffic that comes from traffic exchanges.

Remember The Basics And Follow The Rules

And it will not stop at YouTube either, there are a lot more social media websites on the net. You can accomplish the same sort of thing on Facebook or Myspace to receive the targeted traffic you may need. If you want to become successful and get lots of targeted prospects, social media websites are a good way to get started. You need to be cautious when designing your pages, you don’t want these pages to resemble spam. In addition, you may want to study their terms to ensure your not breaking any of their guidelines, the very last thing you would like is to have your web pages deleted, so follow their rules.

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