How to Write a Killer Promotion Email.

Book CoverEvery day when I open my email, I find my inbox stuffed with promotion emails. All of them is competing for my attention and my money. Do I have to tell you, that out of the 50-80 promotion emails I get every single day, I only open a small handful. And those very few lucky ones, I usually only open and skim the content for a few seconds. – Then I hit the ‘delete’ button.

But once in a while it happens, an advertising email slips through and grabs my attention. It literally forces me to read it all the way through, and some are so compelling that I actually click the included link and buy whatever it is promoting.

What is it that makes the difference between a killer promotion email and a ‘3 seconds – delete’ email?

I have listed a few ideas for you below:

1. Do not try to sell you reader anything in the opening of your message!

Your reader couldn’t care less of you or your products or services. He cares only of himself, his fears, desires, or his goals.

The only way you can get your readers full attention, is to quickly convince him, that by reading your email, you are going to give him answers on;

  • How to solve his problem(s).
  • How to make money.
  • How to save money.
  • How to eliminate his worries.
  • I’m sure you get the idea ….

You have to understand, you need to make your email relevant to your reader, and you have to show the relevancy to the readers needs fast.

2. Play on the readers curiosity.

The next important aspect to learn, is how to get your reader curious.

Curiosity is a very strong force to keep your readers attention. Try think about it; how many times haven’t you clicked your way through to a website, to get the full story, because the email just woke your curiosity, but didn’t tell the whole thing?

Write your email in a way to get your readers curious to learn more, though keeping your message in line with things that matters to your reader.

3. Do not mislead your readers!

I am personally sick and tired of those emails, with subject lines misleading me to believe some real person is trying to get in contact with me.

Subject lines as ”Where are you?”, ”Why don’t you answer my emails?” or “you have received a payment” are sure curiosity grabbing, but the email is trying to sell me something, those subject lines sure is the wrong way to catch my attention. Not only that; they are actually also a violation of the can spam laws.

Use your subject line to give the reader an idea of the content of the email, but not enough information for them to know what exactly inside the email.

4. Do not try to hard sell in your emails.

This is perhaps the biggest mistakes that new marketers do.

When you write an email promotion, try get in the chair of the receiver.

How likely is it that you would read an email to the end if the first paragraph looked like:

”Claim Your FREE V.I.P Membership to this Amazing Marketing Course worth $197 Today. Limited Number of No Cost Memberships available.”

Not very likely, – right? That kind of writing belongs into a sales letter or the sales page it self. Not in an email!

You should try to be conversing with your reader. Try something like this instead:

”Hello (name), I’ve just got hold of an amazing new Internet Marketing Course from ………
It’s so good that I had to tell you about it so that you don’t miss out on it.
Here is just some of what’s included: ……”

You see, by keeping the email in a conversational style, your email will never be considered plain by your readers.

5. State your case.

Now that you have got your readers full attention, it is time to tell him what you got to offer, but keep in mind why you got his attention in the first place. Keep reminding the reader that what you are offering will help him reach his goals.

You have to stay focused on what made your email relevant the reader in the first place. Remember, he doesn’t care about your product, but only about his own needs, worries and desires.

Write about how your product will benefit your prospect, not about the product it self.

6. Call to action.

You get no benefit from an email promotion if you do not get the reader to take action. Tell the reader what you want him to do, but just as important; tell him to do it right now!

Most people, my self included, will put most everything off until later if not having a compelling reason to act immediately. And an email promotion put off for later, is most likely never to be seen again!

That is why it is imperative giving your reader a reason to act now!

You can do so by telling, you are only selling limited copies, taking down the sales page on a certain date, you are going to raising the price, or perhaps going to remove a temporarily bonus.

You can use almost anything, but do use some kind of stress factor that makes the reader wish to act now!

I hope this article has provided you with some valuable ideas that will help you building an online business.

If you want to learn more on this subject, you should consider reading eMail Marketing & Growing Your Subscriber List.

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Kermit H. Clemons

Hej. Congratulations on your nice article. Well that makes sense. e-mail is a recognized means of communication. I prefer to use Outlook as my e-mail client and with the help of Email Sorter Wizard, an Outlook add-in, I get all my e-mail sorted.


SEO guy

My english is not very good. I want to say that your blog is nice and useful. Thank you.



Thank you for your comment. But since you have violated my one and only rule regarding commenting, I have removed your links.



Hi Michael,

I enjoyed your article very much. Thank you. Actually, I have not thought of using the way you suggested in your point #4. And why not? It makes such a perfect sense and it infuses the email with a very personal touch.




Hi Dita,

Thank you for your comment. I actually think about if #4 can apply when it comes to replying on comments as well.

You see: Since most of my commentators are one timers (yet), my first line is always some kind of variation over “thank you for your comment”, and it’s really hard to make much variation out of only 5 words. 🙂

Anyway; what can’t be seen by the reader is, I’m about to change the layout of the blog, and that’s the reason why here’s rather quiet. When the new theme goes live, I will have to go through every article already online, and make minor changes. So I really don’t feel much for adding new one for now.

Hope to see you back for more, Dita, and cheers to you to.


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