How to Write A Killer Follow Up Message

To be able to follow up is what drive sales, and as an Internet marketer, it is easily done, using an autoresponder system. But many people don’t know how to write the e-mail messages they need in to fill into the autoresponder in order to actually use this fantastic tool.

Don’t let that keep you from increased profits! To write powerful messages to increase profits, is not that hard if you just follow a few simple steps:

Address the Reader

Try to write as you talk, and make the reader feel like they are having a face-to-face conversation with you. Try using ’simple’ words as if you were talking to a colleague or a good friend. If you can get the reader to feel an acquaintance with you, the audience will pay a lot more attention to what you write.

Headline Creation

Many copywriters spend more time creating a catchy headline, than then do writing the rest of the copy. If your headline do not grab the prospects attention and pull him in immediately, the rest of your copy is most likely not to be read. The headline makes the difference if you prospect follow to the end. Most times I wait to create the headline until I have finished the copy.

Pull In the the Reader

First thing you have to convince your reader that your email is worth reading. Make your first sentence or two very catching. You could do that by making a bold statement. Try to appeal to your readers emotions, or write something funny or even ridiculous. Then tie the headline with the rest of your copy.

Present the Product

Once you’ve caught the reader’s attention, it is time to introduce your product or service for the prospect. Tell your reader what is the product your are trying to sell, and what does it do?

Keep the explanation very short and clear. Remember, people’s attention spans are pretty short today. Get to the point.

Your Product’s significance

Now directly target your prospect and clearly explain how your he or she will benefit from your product. Make this section ‘long’ and rich and give some examples of variety of the uses of what you try to sell. Keep in mid though it’s human nature for people to simply want to know “What can I gain here?” or “How can this solve my current problem.” It’s not so much about the features of your product it self, as about the benefits the product provide; comfort, status, wellness, success……….

Make the most out of this section to clearly explain how your targeted readers can benefit from your product.

Lead the Prospect to Make the Purchase

It might sound strange to you, but this step is really necessary. People must have clear instructions. Most times they won’t just figure out what to do next. Far to often people fail to make the purchase, even when they are genuinely interested. A clear call to action by telling the prospect exactly how to buy your product, cuts down on buyer ambivalence.

Don’t be to pushy, but seal the deal and tell the potential customer exactly how to purchase the product and to do it now.

Remember to end each follow up message with your own contact information, also to include a way for your reader to unsubscribe from your contact list.

If you keep this steps in mind when you are writing, you will get, as well as keep, your audience attention almost every time.

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