Google in 60 Seconds Review – Don’t Waste Your Money!

Google in 60 Seconds

Google in 60 Seconds Insults My Intelligence!

If there’s one thing that can make me very frustrated, it’s when people I otherwise respect, whose products I’ve purchased and used with glee, and even occasionally recommends my readers; when these same people demeans my intelligence by sending me emails with solicitation to buy one shitty product after another, this time “Google in 60 Seconds.”

Recent examples include Rob Benwell and Garry Ambrose. Both fantastic marketers whose excellent products I almost can not praise enough.

Therefore, it is almost impossible to endure when I receive emails with recommendation of a product such as “Google in 60 Seconds” from these two gentlemen.

It’s true that they basically just send me a link to the product. But to receive a link from the marketers I otherwise look up to, I would expect to be a recommendation. It can not possibly be the situation here!

Google in 60 Seconds is Nothing Less Than a Disaster!

The author of Google in 60 seconds is Aaron Darko. Aaron is a young guy, living in Thailand, and he have a goal to become a millionaire before the age of 24.

From what I’ve been able to find out about him online, he certainly seems like a very likeable young man, who without doubt is strongly committed to achieve his goals. And he is certainly capable with respect to market his online business products.

But the Product! Oh oh!

Google in 60 Seconds - Members AreaBy repetitive trying to closed the very professional and nice looking sales page, you can buy his “Google in 60 Seconds” for $37.-

After doing so (don’t!), you are immediately presented to the first of three “Up-Sells.” All 3 offer, coming at a price of $197.-, reduces by $100 if you try to close the window.

This means, to get Aaron’s full product, that I have not purchased, you have to pay at least $37 +(3x $97) = $328.- !

To tell you, what you get for the first $37, can be done so short, that it’s hardly worthwhile.

Here’s What You Get…

With Google in 60 Seconds you get an ultra-short PDF-file and a set of six video instructions:

  • Video #1 gives you instructions on how to upload a video to Youtube
  • Video #2 tells you how to create a gmail account and how to assign it to Youtube
  • Video #3 tells you how to record a video (and trying sell you another third-party affiliate product)
  • Video #4 tells you how to rename a file
  • Video #5 tells you how to find and submit the rss link of your videos to rss directories
  • Video #6 tries to sell you yet another third-party affiliate product, a Social Bookmarking Service, and shows you how to fill in their submitting page.

And as a kind of bonus you also get Aaron’s “Keyword Siphon”. Here you learn a method to find the right keyword. The method is far from unknown and although it is reasonably efficient, I will not say Keyword Siphon alone is worth the price of Google in 60 Seconds.

Finally, there is a “bonus” section which, without exception, consists of affiliate links to other third-party products.

That’s it!

For righteousness sake I have to say, that I have no clue about the quality of Aaron’s other programs (remember? – Those $197 up-sells). And also, that I have no intention to find out.

For heaven’s sake: All this is basic knowledge and may, if necessary, be available for free by searching on Google.

Who in their right mind would ever spend $37, not to mention as much as $ 328 for this kind of information?

Oh, did I mention; – Aaron offers you a free “$1500 Worth Traffic Consultation” too!  A totally 100% free consultation – It’s just, that it will cost you at least an other 155.40 affiliate-dollars to get it!

As soon as you sign up for Traffic Hosting with Hostzilla, we are going to release your Traffic Consulting Package worth $1500 will be live on HostZilla in just a few minutes ..

Traffic Hosting – Unlimited (
12 Month Price – $12.95 (Free Domain)
Order Total: $155.40

So, is Google in 60 Seconds just a scam, or does it actually work?

Calling Google in 60 Seconds a scam is to exaggerate. The system does work effectively to the extent that you really can get to the front page of Google in about 60 seconds. The problem is, that you drops off again in an other 60 seconds.

Sure, you can just repeat 24 times a day, and you will stay on the page. But Google’s algorithms are not that stupid, that they can not easily find you, and poof, – you’re gone forever!

Aaron do offers some kind of software to automate the process, which will save you to repeat the process 24/7. But it does not change, that Google will soon find you, and yet again – poof …

I hardly need to say, because it should be rather obvious, but of course I have asked to get my money back!


To get your money back, you have to find Google in 60 Seconds support page, which is not quite easy. Then you have to submit a support ticket and wait for an answer.

In response Aaron (the support) asks you to follow a link. On the page you reach, you have to watch a weepy video about a poor athlete, and then go back and re-submit a ticket for support, in which you express, that you are a loser.

However If you ARE a quitter and would still like to follow through with your request then please respond to your ticket saying ‘I Am A Quitter’ and we will then process your request promptly within 24hours of receiving your ticket.

Aaron, it’s not only your shitty product that is an insult to me!

Looking for Some Real Value?

If you really want value for your money,- a product that can really help you to get traffic to your website or your affiliate link, I would strongly suggest you to look at Marlon Sanders incredibly acclaimed step-by-step “Traffic Dashboard“.

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Hi Michael

Great write up about this product and I really admire your honesty in your review of it. If anyone really wants to use the power of Youtube forget about all these instant riches programs and just start adding quality videos.

I have a good friend who has been building a Youtube channel for two years now and he gets more than 7000 channel views a day and he never did any course to show him how. If anyone want s to see the channel just go to Youtube and search for “reefari”.


Michael Johansen

Reef-ari… What a great and creative word, – and what a wonderful accent!
I’ll be happy to share the link

Hi Ron and thanks for your comment.

Yes; The ‘net is swamped with incredibly bad programs and software, and a lot of people are getting disappointed and feels scammed every day.

There is no easy shortcut to a stable income other than work. But people who seek a potential income on the web are often desperate and lacks money.

As a result, they buy the one crappy product after another, hoping one day, they manage to find real help, at an affordable price.

It may be I do not sell much. But I’d rather sell a little of real quality, than trying to sell my readers products, I never even wanted to buy.

There are some great and affordable programs out there, Traffic Dashboard is one of them, but there is very far between.




I wanted to thank you so much for this article!

I’m glad I didn’t purchase this product. I had thought about it, but I hate the up sells! If the product can’t work on it’s own without all the up sells then it shouldn’t be marketed as such. I also advise everyone to click off of the main window a few times to watch the price decrease. You can always go back to the main page if you just insist on paying more for it!

I can’t count the worthless products I’ve bought online, but the ones I hate the most are the up sells before the original product will work. I can tell by your description of this product that there’s no way in hell you can create a video, an RSS feed and get anything ranked on Google in 60 seconds! Oh, Unless you use that money that you would have spent on this worthless software to buy a PAID Google ad, and even then it won’t be up there in 60 seconds because it must go through the approval process first.

Aaron needs to be a millionaire and will gladly steal your money to do so… Ethics?

Michael McCarty


Michael Johansen

Hi Michael,

Thank you for your comment. And what a nice looking website you have…

Regarding Aaron’s method to get on the front page of Google in 60 Seconds, it does actually works. Only problem is, you are off the front page again in a matter of minutes.

By the way; it’s not a Clickbank product, and it’s rather hard to get your money back.
I still have to see mine….



Dave Lucas

Great to see I’m not the only one who is not afraid to write scathing reviews! Check out

And I hope you don’t mind if I link back to your article here on a future post!

Blog on!



Hi Dave,

Thank you for your comment(s) – Here’s a link just for you: 😛

Anyway, I hate when marketers try to make a fool out of me. And when they try, I’m not afraid to tell the world.
I’ll only be happy if you link back, so just go ahead…



Ana Hoffman

Hey Ana,

You know I love your blog, and am an almost daily visitor.

Thank you for spreading the word 🙂


facebook marketing

Pretty! This has been an incredibly wonderful post.

Thank you for providing this info.



Thank you for your comment. But since you have violated my one and only rule regarding commenting, I have removed your links.


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