Emails With Subject Lines I Just Hate – 1

Some marketers seems to believe their customers, including me, are stupid.

Their latest idea to grab your attention, hardly distinguishable ways spammers have used for years. And just how smart is it to copy spamming tactics? I don’t think so!

This post is the first in the series where I’ll try to focus on the email subject lines, from so called professional marketers, that really turns me off.

In a few cases so much that I opt out of an otherwise excellent newsletter.
Is there something I do not bother, it’s marketers who keep a fool of me or treat me like an idiot.

I guarantee you’ll never receive any emails from me, with the kind of subject lines, unless the content really, and honestly, reflect the subject line.

Here’s an email I received today:


I wanted to deliver this to you
personally but this is a close as
I can get 🙂

Here is your FREE VIP link:

-> (Here once was a click-able link)


(Here once was a signature)

It turns me off that……

1) I see no private message in the email

2) Clicking the link leads me to a opt in page – no private message

3) Trying to leave the page, and an other offer shows up – again no private message

4) Leaving the page untouched (pulling it to the background without clicking “ok” or “cancel”) and the offer shows up never the less – still no private message

If I receive an email with the subject line “NEW PRIVATE MESSAGE”, I expect it to be a spam mail or, if from a trusted sender, actually to contain just that – a private message.

As I have bought a product from this particular sender, I will have patience with him just yet.
But he will not send me many more of the kinds of emails before I’m not at his list anymore.

Marketers beware; If you want to keep me as potential customer, stop consider me as stupid!

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