October 2009

Bad Behavior

Bad Behavior is working in a completely different way than any ohter spam solution out there. Instead of merely looking at the content of potential spam, Bad Behavior analyzes the delivery method as well as the software the spammer is using.

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Using WordPress to Build a Better Online Business

If you aren’t using WordPress you should. The learning curve has reduced substantially in the past 3 years. At the moment it’s so easy to use even a six-year old kid can figure it out.

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Akismet – A WordPress Plugin Review

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Akismet, developed by Matt Mullenweg, is perhaps the most important plug-in on my blogs.
Spam comments is a huge problem with a WordPress blog, but luckily akismet come preinstalled with WordPress.

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4 Ways of Making Money Online

If you are still new to Internet Marketing, let me take you for a short tour around this brand new, exciting world of Internet Marketing – by first showing you some 4 of many ways people do to make money online.

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