Bannage – A WordPress Plugin Review

No More Spam Button

Multiple Entries For Each Ban Type

As more and more people find it worth the while to devote their short time here on earth, to develop programs and scripts to automatically add spammy comments on your WordPress blog, I highly recommend installing a few, but very effective, spam catching plugin’s.

The most important, in my opinion, is ”Akismet” followed by ”Bad Behavior” and to complete the collection also ”Bannage”developed by Justin Shattuck.

For some reason, so far WordPress haven’t incorporated any useful way to ban commenter’s by either IP, username or email address. It might be added in a later version, but for now you are left on your own and the mercy of plugin developers.

If you have fallen victim to spam comment entries, with ”Bannage” you can attempt to prevent more spam coming in by blocking specific URI’s, IP addresses, email addresses, or usernames.

Because I run both ”Akismet” and ”Bad Behavior”, it is not very often ”Bannage” come into use. But even “Akismet” and “Bad Behavior” doesn’t always catch 100% of the spam and then ”Bannage” becomes very useful.

To download ‘Bannage’, – go here:

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