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Houston… We Have a Problem!

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In our continuing efforts to improve our readers experience, the usability, and the quality of our website, we recently bought a new theme (layout), which proved to be completely useless. Instead of returning to our original design, which would not be without hassle, we have chosen to transfer the website into a thoroughly tested and stable platform. The transfer will take some time, and our readers may occasionally find that […]

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List Building – Why is it so Important?

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Why Is List Building So Important List building is one of the most important things you can do in order to help build a successful business and anybody that has been an affiliate marketer for a while already understands this. If your new, let me tell you right now, you have to start building your own list. There, now you fully understand. Even the Guru’s which normally keep everything to […]

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It is now clear to me that your software can not provide any assurance that porn and gaming-related advertising will not be shown, and that you do not seems to have the skills or the will to tackle the problem.

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Emails With Subject Lines I Just Hate – 1

Some marketers seems to believe their customers, including me, are stupid.
Their latest idea to grab your attention, hardly distinguishable ways spammers have used for years. And just how smart is it to copy spamming tactics? I don’t think so!

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