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Akismet – A WordPress Plugin Review

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Akismet, developed by Matt Mullenweg, is perhaps the most important plug-in on my blogs.
Spam comments is a huge problem with a WordPress blog, but luckily akismet come preinstalled with WordPress.

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Income Cloner – WARNING! Income Cloner is a Scam!

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From The Free Dictionary: scam: n. a fraudulent business scheme; a swindle. tr.v. scammed, scamĀ·ming, scams ; To defraud; swindle. Income Cloner is a Borderline Scam Today the word scam is being used in so many very different situations, the original meaning of the word has almost been forgotten. But when talk turns to “Income Cloner”, scam is just the right word to have in mind. So many opportunities and […]

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