Internet Marketing

Click Through Rates for Bing and Google

As all good researchers should do, the folks at Chitka decided to follow up and see how Bing was doing after the initial excitement of a new kid on the search engine block had faded away a bit.

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Search Engine Optimisation Broken Down

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Many people think that you need to have a marketing background or be able to read HTML to succeed in the SEO world – this isn’t true.

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How to Write A Killer Follow Up Message

To follow up is what drive sales. It is easily done, using an autoresponder system. But many people don’t know how to write the messages to fill into this tool.

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Johns Wu Sold His Blog For US $15 Million

If the visitors to your blog like the content, they will keep on coming back and also bring their friends. As your blog starts to grow it will attract more visitors and create a buzz on the internet.

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How to Write a Killer Promotion Email.

Once in a while it happens, an advertising email slips through and grabs my attention. It literally forces me to read it all the way through…

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