Akismet – A WordPress Plugin Review

Matt Mullenweg

Akismet – a Comment Spam Blocker

Akismet, developed by Matt Mullenweg the founder of Automattic, Inc., is perhaps the most important plug-in on all my blogs.

Spam comments is a huge problem with a WordPress blog, but luckily Akismet come pre-installed with WordPress. All you have to do, is to activate it and insert your WordPress API. Do not share your API; – It’s like a password.

The names is a contraction of Automatic Kismet, and by installing it, you should never have to worry about spam again. The only other spam plugin you might need is Bad Behavior. In fact you should disable any other spam plugins you might use, as they most likely will reduce the effectiveness of Akismet.

When a new comment is submitted to your site, it is submitted to the Akismet web service as well. Here it will be run through hundreds of tests and return a positive or negative result.

When the plugin detects a spam comment, it saves it in your database for 15 days, so that you have the chance to check it out manually.

The beauty of the system is that it needs no maintenance at all. Just plug it in, insert your WordPress API and you are ready to go.

The plug-in works against spam in any language, so don’t worry if your site is in a non-English language.

Akismet comes with both a license for personal as well as for commercial use. The personal license is free, the commercial comes with a very modest fee.

To download Akismet: http://akismet.com/download/

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