5 Important Rules For Writing Great Classified Ads

Posting classified ads is a tremendous way to increase sales. Unfortunately, you cannot simply throw up any combination of words and hope to convince others to purchase what you are selling. People must be persuaded, subtly, to hand over their money. These are some tips to start you on the path of making quality classified ads.

1.Write it long, and then cut it down. The rough draft of the ad should essentially be a thorough and detailed description of all you know about the product or service. Having all of the details on paper will allow you to effectively choose what should stay and what should go. Ultimately, the ad should be short and targeted.

2.Be honest. Over-hyping your product or service will not lead to more sales, and it will lead to unsatisfied customers. In the proper context, including the faults of your product or service can actually increase sales, as it portrays honesty. Being honest about what you are selling is the best business move for both the short and long run. Plus, it is just the right thing to do.

3.Choose your words wisely. The ad should be simple and easy to read. The potential customer should have to put zero effort into understanding what is being sold to them. A confused reader will not become a customer.

4.Advertise frequently. Sometimes people need to see a product or hear a sales pitch more than once before deciding to become a buyer. Advertising often keeps the product on their minds. This will lead to an accumulation of sales.

5.Re-invest profits. As you start to make more and more profits from advertising, do not go out and spend all the money you made on fancy dinners. Instead, use at least some of the money to start investing in paid ads. If your ad is making money from a free placement, then use this extra money to pay for a premium ad with extra exposure. As well, there are several other sources of paid traffic that may be wise in which to invest.

Putting these tips into practice will ensure that you get the most out of advertisements for your product. If what you are selling is truly of high quality, then it should not take much more effort to convince someone to buy it.

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